The chief judge of MasterChef Myanmar

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It is likely that you will notice a judge who judges the competition in the popular Reality Show, the popular Chef Chef Myanmar, which is aired on MRTV 4, which is also the owner of Sharky’s Restaurant in Myanmar. Not everyone who succeeds does not suddenly rise up and become successful. Before going into this situation, I had to go through many difficulties.

One such person is Ye Htut Win (b) U Shaki. It is interesting to note how Ye Htut Win became a successful chef from the restaurant cleaner and became the owner of Sharky’s Restaurant in Myanmar. Ye Htut Win, who arrived in Geneva at the age of 19, began his career as a cleaner at a chain restaurant called “Wendy” and began working as a cleaner in just four years as a European director of the company.

Wendy is one of the world’s third Fast Food Chains. One of the differences with Wendy is that he produces high-end hamburgers. When they first opened their shop in Geneva, I gradually became the director of a four-door shop, and in detail, how did a janitor become a director of four?

During my time as a housekeeper, I was willing to work hard and not give up. It was then that I had the opportunity. Leadership of this company; The Wendy’s International European Division boss was very impressed with me and gave me an upgrade in the level of labor. Later, I was ordered to run the first store in Geneva. Once again, I was well-governed, and again, I had three more restaurants.

Then, my boss and I co-founded and opened Mexican restaurants. These shops are located in Geneva, Switzerland. Fourteen cities with their villages. It was opened in Mon State. When that opened up and I was very successful, I left the company and set up my own Sharky’s S.A. company. The company does what it does: Cocktail Bar in downtown Geneva. In fact, it is open to high-end pubs.

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