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6 years ago Mung Lin and his love for Monywa

I think they will love and adore the family singer Sing Lin Lin and Chit Thwe. The family also founded the New Age Foundation, which is hosting a lovely baby girl and a newborn. The couple are also very generous and generous in charity work. Currently, their family will be taking all six-year-old girl to school. Lin posted this on his Facebook page.

Lin Lin said: “Today, our family is doing a great job of educating the children. My family will pay for the education of their daughter, Eun Khaing Khaing, from a six-language high school in Monywa. Today, I meet with my daughter’s mother, aunt, and teachers in Mandalay. My daughter wants to go to medical school and not to medical school as she wishes.

We fill the path he chooses to carry with us. It was a memorable moment when I got in touch on the birthday of my mother. Let me be an industrial student, whose parents are proud and dependable on the State, as the daughter wants to be a strong mother.

Thanks also to the local Monywa for helping us connect with this little girl. I would like to say a little thank you to my greedy wife, Tereza, for the education of the children who are struggling to learn, to ask, and to prepare to help children who are in need. We do as much as we can. There are also children who are communicating again as much as we can. I’ll say it again. So, I would call you Amen, and I would call you a little bit smoother.

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