Side effects of phone

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Health experts have found that the best time for people to sleep is between 11pm and 3am. Nearly all medical practitioners agree. 11-3. Doing some work without rest will endanger your health. But not immediately, but can do worse in the long run. This is because the liver, the most important organ in the body, filters out toxins and other nutrients that are not needed by people during 11-3.

If the liver is working, it will be more accurate, and the body needs to be relaxed during that time. Get some sleep Yes. If left untreated, it can slow down the function of the liver and cause damage to the liver gradually. In the human body, if the liver is no longer able to function, hepatitis B virus, hepatitis B C germs In addition to hepatitis and other diseases, there are many other causes.

Therefore, in some countries with high levels of health care, staff who work night shifts usually do not work long hours. Since Facebook is the main source of sleep, it is important for people to be aware of their lives, as the word suggests. Not only Facebook but other things to do while sleeping, it can affect the liver’s function.

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