Tears of tears at that

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Top Stories Tears Up to 70-year-old Teacher

The Myanmar people are devout and respectful of the five greats, and the tradition of honoring teachers, including one of the five greats, is a lovely tradition in our country of Myanmar, where we train teachers who taught us when they were young.

It is very lovely to meet the teachers and friends, and the sadness of someone having such a bad event happened to someone who was attending a seminar.

“Yesterday’s 12 th anniversary of the Aussie riots was reported to prevent the same thing happening. When the teachers returned, the students could not find out whether the students were former students or the teachers who escorted the teachers. It may happen. We’ve done this 17 times, no problem, but teachers today

While the teachers are helping the poor, the teacher is pictured as a lady helping the teacher to the meal and sending her to the kitchen.

The girl behind me the bag and add ဆရာမကြီး phone gives the wallet in his hand and leave the school kept awake return ဆရာမကြီး နေယ် But the woman return to student / know that they could be mixed with a shoplifting more than 70 years old, I began to cry ဆရာမကြီး ဆရာမကြီး right … students from 12 students / reliability ဆရာမကြီး Area. Collective dedicated to make a donation if ဆရာကန်တော့ပွဲ shoplifting reported to be aware of this reality in most cases … ”

It’s a bad thing to do when people are celebrating, and the fans have to re-share it to avoid such people when it comes to teachers’ celebrations.

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