Parents often make things

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Baby is the fruit of the future. Parents play a very important role in their care. The first teacher was right, like Pavariya and his mother, because if the parents were wrong, the children would fall apart. Now, AlinnMyay (Light) describes the mistakes parents often make about children.

(1) Excessive phone use before age

It is a mistake that parents often make today. Even though they know what the side effects of the phone are, they often overlook this mistake. At least for the kids, the phone is an eye-opener. It can affect any part of the body, such as the brain. Then they can see what they should not see, You can learn the basics.

(2) Problems with the game

Kids can easily catch the game. There are also some who advocate that gaming is good. There is no objection to this. But nothing is too bad. Authorities in China say they are worried because of problems with children. Some games are cut-off games and not suitable for children.

(3) Free will

Some parents desperately want a child. It is good to be loved when the bad is not yet hurting anyone. The bad things that can hurt someone or family should not be left open at a young age. You are a good teacher. And six hundred and sixty, Multiply, multiply, multiply It is a state of mind. The parent must follow the path without harming the child’s original abilities.

(4) self-teaching of bad habits

Many parents do this. When you see someone, you show up. I’m just teaching you to keep on. Sometimes if you have a fight with a child, There are also parents who go to the dentist. It can teach a child to hate in young hearts from infancy.

(5) You do not give good manners

Some babies are born well, He was kind at an early age. Can help It’s easy to learn. Parents need to know what their child’s genetic makeup is and how it works. When you see good manners, you teach them. If you have some amazing talent, you have to raise the ground. There are also parents who fail.

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