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(1) Free space

Of course, if you have 16GB of free storage at 500MB, your phone will be heavy. App cache on the phone also takes up a lot of space. So get rid of unnecessary apps. Clear Junk Files and Cache Files with Your Cleaner by default.

(2) Live wallpaper

Live wallpaper background working ever since Ram is always positioned in the Battery is also time consuming. So, live wallpaper is always in Ram space, so if you open the other app phone Ram will spend more than necessary. So, preferably a small wallpaper Live wallpaper instead of ordinary post to your phone to be more active ….

(3) Update

System or System Update the latest version of both the app. The update has already fixed the system’s malfunction and may reduce battery consumption and RAM usage.

(4) Cleaner and Battery Software

Do not add any other cleaners except the original cleaner. Software such as DU cleaner and DX Booster are known to make phones faster but in reality the software is always running faster in the background, and the phone will get heavier. Battery-powered software is similarly developed. If you want to charge your phone fast, set it to flight mode, turn off the screen, and charge it.

(5) Lite software

Lite sotfware takes up only a small amount of space on the phone and is fast-paced software. The Facebook App is a great way to make Facebook feel full for you, but it is a great place to use.

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