There are 13 things fathers need to know:

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There are 13 things fathers need to know,  I have four daughters and a son. Many think it is not easy to care for children because they have children and girls. I never even imagined it. I just enjoy living together as a family. I love my daughters more tomorrow than I do today. There are 13 experiences I have had in the 11 years of caring for my daughters, though I do not know them all.

01. Daughters always want their father’s love.

Purchasing goods; They love their father more than they teach, and there is no one who can take care of you as a father. As a father, do not hesitate to talk about your love for your daughters.

02. Daughters of their future husbands often look like fathers.

The future husbands of their daughters are more like their father. Daughters are more likely to be considered to be fit than a father.

03. We should listen to the songs our daughters listen to.

As he rides with his daughters, the father hears the song they’re listening to

Only then will you know what music is popular and you can enjoy it together.

04. They are always watching how they treat their mother.

Don’t just trust your daughters. Take note of whether your mother is properly treating your mother.

They hate their father for not paying attention.

05. As daughters grow up, always be together.

As he grew up day by day, he also had less time to talk to his father.

Girls’ Beauty Friend The father needs to avoid it, citing health changes.

06. Not forgetting sports.

It’s important not to forget that sports are girls, and even though they are more attractive than sportswear, they are more attractive than sports.

07. Don’t forget to make memories.

Remembering things is important. Give your daughters time to remember them.

Travel on birthdays. You should try and watch a movie on Friday night. That doesn’t mean you spend a lot of money on memorization.

08. Also, don’t forget to teach your daughters about the outside world.

It is important to explain that everything is happening and that it is not only happening in the family but also in the world.

09. Also don’t go to your daughter’s party.

If your daughter is at a school dance or at a dance party, please go out and enjoy it.

10. Make time for my daughter.

No matter how much work goes home, look at the phone and watch. Don’t forget to talk to your daughter, rather than living alone.

11. Do your hair or nail polish.

The 99-year-old mom should help her, even if the mother does all the work.

12. Teach them to be good.

Teach them how to live in a way that does not offend anyone, whether religious or family.

13. Don’t be fooled.

It is our responsibility to correct our daughter’s wrong actions when wrong. Don’t be fooled.

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