Is this a broken heart?

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Are you broke?

Are you sad about breaking up with your girlfriend? Your crush

Is it sad to have a loved one? Don’t be sad.

There are many others who love you

He does not love you, but do not forget those who love you.

Remember, there are still many who value you.

2. Turn your trauma into strength

His trauma can help you in your life

Learn and treat things. Write down what you want to do

I think about him

When you come, learn what you want to do.

(3) Don’t try to forget

Whenever you think you want to forget him, you will always remember.

Instead of trying to forget, he tried to accept that he was leaving

You are better than him

Keep in mind that you are worthy of someone.

(4) Spend more time with your friends

Spend time with your friends. He didn’t do it when he was there

Enjoy your fun with friends!

His influence over him

Drop the ability.

(5) Do not allow him to become enraged against him

Even if he throws you off and goes after someone else

Don’t be angry He considers it an important part of your life

Love yourself more.

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