To apologize to anyone

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The Mask Singer Myanmar, a popular TV show competing with Myanmar Idol in Myanmar, is also a favorite show. The show also features fans of the show, including Tun Tun, Thee and Thee. Khin Kyi Kyi Not only the wild animals, are they? All of them are beginners, They are also very beginning and not angry.

They have identified the voice actors as the Cele detectives in the program. Therefore, their predictions are also quite predictable, as some words can be annoying among unfamiliar people. After that, Thin Kyi told Ein Chit that he did not do so, so he apologized because he had been restrained. This is not to be angry, but it is a start of their friendship.

Moreover, Khine Thu Kyi also started to play the role of an actor, Aye Thu Kyi. He said he was not angry but he was afraid to speak out because of his friends, and he would like to apologize if he made a mistake. he format features celebrities who perform anonymously in elaborate head-to-toe costumes and are unmasked if they receive the least number of votes.

In the United States and the UK votes are limited to the live studio audience members due to the show being pre-taped. While the panelists do the guessing based on clues the singers give about themselves, the panelists do not participate in the vote. Singers in the American version have spanned the range of Grammy award winners to professional athletes.

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