9 ways to rebuild after a heart attack

Meeting with love is very beautiful, but it is very painful when you break up with someone. Especially if you don’t want to break up. But love is not as formidable as love is. You can’t just hang on to someone you don’t love. So, here are some ways to rebuild your happiness for those who suffer from heartburn.

1Go through the left-hand corner.

The most painful thing for a broken hearter is a time when you look back on the past. In fact, that is the right thing to do. Forgetting about being in the throes of a heart is really something of a secret. So, rather than being overwhelmed, think through the events and painfully experience them. Then you will become resistant to the pain.

(2) Relieve yourself.

When you are grieving something, say, “No one wants to make me happy. In fact, it is very difficult to think of this when a loved one leaves everyday. But thinking of a challenge, focusing on work and filling the void in life is very effective.

(3) Cut off the iron.

It’s like leaving a boyfriend in a hurry. Do not try to force the person to throw it away. Stress can only be relieved when it is necessary to cut off unnecessary strains. When a man asked for a way to free a priest, he asked who was bound to you. Because no one is bound to escape without bonding.

4List your strengths.

When feeling lonely and depressed because of loneliness, the best thing to do is to list your strengths. For example: “Even 20 years after I stopped drinking. My mind is so strong. I can face anything. ” Listen to a song that gives you words like this. “The challenge now is whether I can endure the sadness of the world. We must work hard to get good from bad. ” Think about it.

(5) Don’t push too hard on the fantasy.

Whenever you go somewhere, remembering and dreaming is not a sin or an attraction. In fact, it is natural for people to remember the times when they were in love. Don’t miss the idea of ​​losing yourself, because you are remembering the events you went through with your lover rather than being in love.

(6) Follow the steps that will help them.

One way to help them forget the pain is to help them. People who are weaker than you, Understanding and helping the grieving person can help ease your pain.

(7) Cry for a laugh.

Sometimes they cry out when they cry out loudly. According to research in the field of personality studies, weeping has been a source of soothing. Tears are often poisonous, but not as ordinary as tears or tears. So crying is also a poison, so if you have a cry, cry. Then you will be able to relax and laugh.

(8) Separate what you should do and what to do.

Old ones are new and add things to your list that don’t make you feel bad. Add things to your list that will bring relief to yourself. For example, if your ex-girlfriend has posted a picture of a new girlfriend, don’t let your timeline get on Facebook. Do not call his friends or their friends. Laughing at coffee with a friend who doesn’t know your ex-boyfriend is a good thing to do.

(9) When love breaks down, find love again.

A broken love story will lock your heart and last a lifetime. Want to touch the love again and find authenticity? Prepare to love the new lover, who will never find out that he or she will never be the least brave for an event. When you really meet, love two years. Why in the past would you be afraid of the future?