What kind of serial cheater are you?

Do you know what is worse than having a fall? It is often repeated. It’s just like a serial killer. Marriages are often referred to as serial cheaters. Experts later say this as a form of mental illness. Behind the mentality of many apostates

You may have heard that someone who has been unfaithful is never going to die again. Is that true? There is a definite medical solution for this. There is a part of the brain that responds to various emotions, the amygdala. That part gives us a sense of guilt after every bad thing.

However, as more and more times the number of dishonest people gets involved, the response of the amygdala becomes habitual and bad. Researchers call this a traumatic situation. If you speak in plain language, you feel guilty when you lie once in a while. When a series of lies is repeated, feelings of guilt gradually disappear.

In time, there was no feeling or burden for doing bad things. What kind of people are the people who break up repeatedly?

1. People who do not think this is wrong

Such people may not fully realize that they are wrong, or do not really think they are right. If any of your relatives, who have been involved in eating and drinking since childhood, may feel that this practice is wrong.

2. Children and parents abandoned

They are already aware of the feelings of being abandoned at a young age. As a result of their own trauma, they become abusive, trying to find new things to avoid being left behind.

3. People who are passionate about sex

Such people are clear. She likes to be in relationships with many people because being close to one person is not enough.

4. Those who do not know the true worth

Such people often think of the success of their lives as being successful with many people. These kinds of emotional situations can cause a young person to be misled. They are often based on trauma, not praise. How do you know if it is possible to be a repeat offender?

1. He did not introduce his friends.

Because when you are introduced to people, you have more opportunities to express themselves. So, most of the time, he will not publicly say that he is dating.

2. I’m not always tired.

When asked, I didn’t know exactly what was going on. It is doubtful if we often hear that we are busy and going out with friends.

3. He never gave her his phone.

The main sources of fraud are mobile media. Phone messages There is something wrong with social media and it is very protective.

4. You are the third person before.

If you and your partner have broken up with your former partner, now you have more opportunities to be with you.

5. I was always indifferent.

It is common for everyone to be conscious of what is bad. Even if the conscience is not perfect, unconsciousness can remain in doubt. Sometimes your unconsciousness can be very real.

People who have this kind of backsliding often do only men. There is no such thing as a woman. It is also difficult to determine whether adultery is a person’s behavior or birthright.

Everyone should make mistakes during a short period of thinking that diminishes their ability to think. That’s natural. Frequently, though, it can be considered a social disorder.

Your adulterous husband, your wife. Wife She also suffered from emotional trauma. They suffer from long-term trauma.

So, with this poster, I wish you all the opportunity to build a friendship that is free of delusions.