How to Take Care of Your Immune System

How to Stay Healthy

In the event of overheating, the immune system needs to be cooled. Is your luck eating a cold beverage? Cold – If you are tempted to mix it with cold drinks, you must fill it with hot, nutritious heat. It is good to have a good balance of immune systems – many people have little understanding of balance.

Diabetes is a bad immune system, and it can be even worse: Myanmars say in the Burmese medicine: The river’s legs say no to the tonic – no heat or cold. One person who is well-tolerant has found that there is a lot of heat, heat, and nutritional problems today.

The body says it has high fever and high levels of nutrition. (Every true follower is right, he does right.)

Symptoms of heaters

What does the body say about the heat? Pre-pubescent hair, white-blooded, menstrual-like whiteness, swollen tongue, whitish blood – In some cases, when the snails grow, the white ones are too warm.

How to Stay Strong: To live with a person who has a high fever, he or she needs to be warmed. For example: It is better to extinguish with pressure water – it is better to cool off with cold water.

In Myanmar, 85% of people in the world have a high fever – they should not eat hot foods because of the high temperatures.

Foods that cause heat

The heat-suppressant diet is strong – anything that calms is a bitter, bitter taste. People have no more than six types of food – the heat is bitter, and the heat is heated by the frying pan. If you are really proficient in Burmese medicine, then you need to fortify the sourness – the sweetness of the chewing gum is strong.

After eating for 3 days, you can eat the bitter taste – you should not eat any bitter and hot meat when eating bitter. For example, it is not appropriate to say that the current causes of hypertension, hypertension, stroke, stroke, and stroke. Citizens living in the cold season are more attentive – using hot chutneys also lowers your immune system. When driving, the number is high, the digits are high, the gears are high, and the nutrition is sweet and the taste is sweet.

Cold-Chilled Diet

The cold, salty taste of the dish is acidic, such as a spicy parmesan soup served with meat. Eggs and chicken noodles are sure to help those who are overheated. If you want to be strong, you have to try the sweet chilli but don’t avoid the fruity flavors. Therefore, I want to avoid fried foods – avoid high levels of sodium and geochemical foods. Boiling eggs is even stronger than boiled eggs.

Eating healthy foods today also lowers your immunity – if you eat too much heat, you lose weight. Eating sweetened milk, such as milk and eggs, will increase the risk of obesity and diabetes – the body’s immune system will not get worse and worse.

Speaking of colors

After looking at the colors, your vision fades or fades. – It tells the eye space – The color is a bright, vibrant color – instead of the sweet blue color of the nutritious food. Think of being tired: So when you cover the eye with a blue handkerchief on the eye, the battery will become like a rechargeable battery. I want you to use these colors in blue and yellow after the blue – face wash at home. If you start using a pillow pillow, make sure you have a good (daily contact) pill.