Long-lost elephants are disappearing from the world

Before the history of the Stone Age, there were big animals we could not find today. Natural disasters; The meteors were completely destroyed by the meteors. The species also includes long-haired elephants. These elephants are different from the elephants today

The scent is longer and larger in the shaft. Long-haired elephants have disappeared for the last ten thousand years, some of them in the Arctic around 2500 BC. Many of the reasons for these long-haired elephants are due to climate change and extreme hunting.

The evidence of the presence of long-tailed elephants is due to the discovery of their fossils or fossils. According to the researchers, the size of the long-haired elephant can be up to 9 to 10 feet, with a weight of between 5 and around 14 tonnes.

They have a long, strong scent, and they help to stay cool in the cold. Their horns are bigger and stronger than the elephant’s. You can also estimate the life span of long-haired elephants. On average, long-haired elephants are

They can live up to 60 years and eat only fruits and nuts.