People who do not eat vegetables and fruits can be blind

Like on the TV ad, “Hey, is that a big roast?” Do you have children in your house who are naughty and giddy when you don’t want to eat vegetables? I don’t like vegetables and fruits. Parents need to be careful if you eat a lot of fried foods, such as sausages or sausages. The fried noodles are a delicacy of the tongue and are a delicious snack to eat. Such foods are not harmful to the health of the human body in the long run.

A 19-year-old boy in Bristol, England, dislikes nutritional fruits and vegetables. Fried sausage She has been eating vitamins and skins daily for over a decade, losing her vitamin D and losing both of her eyes. He has not eaten any of the vegetables so he needs vitamin B12, which is essential for the body. Cocoa and Vitamin D did not get enough.

A young man who went to a technical college dropped out of his vision for three years. In the end, I lost my sight. Doctors have found that the optic nerve fibers are unable to function normally due to the lack of proper nutrition for the optic nerve. When he was 14 years old, he was often seen by a doctor. Doctors found that he had anemia and was unable to produce the blood cells needed for the body.

At that time, he was given injections to give him skin and skin. We were instructed to eat a fair amount of fruits and vegetables. However, his condition did not improve and he was deaf at age 15. I began to experience visual impairments. Eventually, he lost his sight. Dr Atan said the incident was a mistake in his school-age diet and that he was sticking to fries instead of vegetables and fruits. So it is recommended that parents train their children to enjoy vegetables and fruits from an early age.