If you don’t want to quit your job, answer these questions

Though sad, There are no answers to these questions, but there are times when the current work will continue. Should I quit my job to avoid this? Here are some basic steps you can take to determine if you should leave.

(1) Being tired all the time?

While working, it can be boring sometimes. It can be tiring. But if you’re not tired for a while, then you should consider leaving.

(2) Do you think your job and work habits are incompatible?

This is not something that is immediately noticeable. Learn your work. Keep working. Prioritize your skills. So your superior will be satisfied with the results. What you can’t do, What I don’t know If you are doing something that you absolutely cannot accept, you should probably quit.

(3) Is it incompatible with the opinion of the employer and your own?

If the employer does not meet the goals and expectations of his employer, he should consider resigning. This is an irreversible problem and it is difficult to solve. It works for both parties to work in harmony with him or her.

(4) Do you often feel overwhelmed?

Whether by employer Whether your job is a job or not, it’s your own time, time and effort. If you often feel overwhelmed by work, prepare to quit. This will endanger your privacy.

5No progress?

The younger person should give priority to the position and experience rather than the salary. For those who already have age and experience, the salary should be a priority. Have a yearly experience in your workplace. Pay attention to whether there is a paycheck or a pay rise. If nothing else, it is best for you to leave.

6. Do you feel that you can’t do anything?
I don’t know what to do. It is not recognized when it is convenient to do so. In the long run, if you feel like you can’t do anything, quit. If you persevere, you will lose your confidence.

(7) Do you feel that you are watching?

At your place of employment, speak your language. Everything! If you feel that you are being watched by every speech, be prepared to leave early. It’s a very frustrating factor.

8. Does the company have an investment for you?

What does the company provide for you besides your salary? We also need to think about this. Annual award; Car: Telephone Phone Bill, Sending the necessary courses…. Think about how close you are to your relationship.

Don’t expect a job. If you have a long career, you should probably quit.

(9) Don’t have confidence in yourself?

This is a difficult thing. It is very difficult for you to be confident about your work or finances. It can slow down your work and affect your reputation. So be prepared to quit.

10. No more happiness?

If you are not happy at work, you will lose your job. This can have a great impact on both the employer and the employee.

(11) Do you hate Mondays?

Even if you are tired of coming to the office and looking forward to the holidays, you should change your job. Examine yourself and prepare for the future.

(12) Do you feel rich?

Your boss or boss is a bad guy for himself. I hate him. If he is not comfortable with his views, then try to get out of work quickly. This would be more appropriate for both.