The harp that can cure ten diseases

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An expensive herbal remedy can eliminate drowsiness and make the mind appealing. It is a flower that is used in conjugate. The fifth part of the cypress tree benefits hair. It is good for hair loss. Measles; Rheumatoid arthritis Weakness; Urinary tract infection Infertility Heals animals poisoned. It promotes pregnancy.

(1) Sourly papaya is mixed with powdered sugar and mixed with sugar and a regular spoonful of lunch may help men to strengthen their blood.

(2) The fruity blossom has a strong effect on the hair.

(3) Seaweeds are fried when cooked with chicken. She will be the mother of a strong, fertile child.

(4) Dosage of cilantro has been treated with a small amount of sesame oil and sugar.

(5) A handful of pomegranate with seven handfuls of peppermint and seven cups of peppermint are lost in women.

(6) Drinking dried cilantro with dry tea seems to cure the disease (do not drink too much water in the container).

(7) For a variety of skin rashes, the coconut blossom is rubbed with milk or milk.

(8) Apply the dye on the head with a pinch of dried coconut oil.

9. Salt in the sesame juice (salt) and salt (1 tablespoon) of lemon juice causes diarrhea.

10. One cup of cilantro can be treated for frequent urinary tract infections.

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