Myanmar star defends champion in Egypt International 2019 competition

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Myaing Thiha Thiha Thu, a Burmese motto, has once again taken pride in Myanmar. The Spaniard won the final at Egypt International 2019 in Egypt at 2019, defeating Jordan Hutson and defending the champion. The Grateful Dead defeated Jordan Heather, 21-6; In the second match, Jordan Hec surrendered to injury.


The match was the best of the two contestants in the competition, and the match looked grim. Thet Thuzar is the current champion of the competition and has been named the defending champion. It was also noted for Zaw Zaw that it was the first time in the competition for the second time in two years.

Myanmars 2

He has also won five other competitions during the Thu Zaya’s reign. So, Thet Thiha is carrying the honor of the Myanmar people.

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