Can you make love if you meet a girl often?

Can you make love if you meet a girl often?

I have been in one of the literary talks of author Ayeyarwady. If you suddenly find yourself in a very beautiful girl, look at the girl for 10 minutes and watch. The girl became unconscious. Wait another five minutes without blinking. The girl’s breasts will jump. Then for a few minutes or so, the girl would comment. “This man is like a big box.”

I mean, the power of the eye is so powerful. It may be that when two people accidentally meet one another, they understand each other’s feelings. Sometimes it is possible to just fall in love with each other for a moment. The point is, is it possible to meet a girl often? Mark Manson, the writer of the article, wrote some of these.

(1) Depends on the environment

The environment in which the two are together will be in a pleasant state. Or the opposite of it. If you are faced with a stressful environment, your eyes often fall in love. Because people often rely on their inner emotions and cling on to someone, they can easily fall in love with the eye. If you meet your eyes often, you can fall in love with them.

(2) There must be something interesting

If you meet with a girl, you often meet. If your style is slicker and more skeptical than anyone else, you are almost 100% sure that you will never fall in love. Mark Manson writes that meeting with someone in these situations is more likely because a girl is worried about what you have around her.But you have something he likes. If he feels that something is interesting to him, love can develop from this eye contact.

(3) He has no ties

Although he often meets with a girl, he has the owner. If you have a stakeholder, your eye contact will end in a short, brief affair. It’s a temporary thriller and wants to know what’s going on. It is because of your curiosity that you are interested in him. But if he has a girlfriend, it is impossible to fall in love with your eyes.