Users of the phone should read it

Users of the phone should read it

Today, almost everyone can use a phone. Therefore, there are benefits as well as many disadvantages. I believe everyone will know the benefits, since almost everyone uses them. Here are some of the disadvantages of using mobile phones to be careful.

(1) Expense of money

It’s a very simple fact. Whether for a phone bill, It is too expensive for the Handset. Especially for mobile phones, many young people today are using them less. If you use one of these restrictions, you may be able to use it in a more efficient way.

(2) Harmful to the workplace

In some cases, you may find that there are even rules that you do not use your phone during business hours. Using a mobile phone in the workplace puts you above your peers and your business.

(3) Harmful to Health

In the past, even on gaming, TV, TV, and TV even played games. Although they used to play computer and computer, today the phone is “All in one”. Therefore, if you use too many phones, you may not be able to sleep well. Headache Eye irritation; You may also experience nerve damage and other symptoms. If you are suffering from this, I would like to encourage you to limit your use of the phone.

(4) poor social relations

It may have been yourself. When to meet friends Meeting time; When I’m with my family, Because of phone use on important social networks If you have been warned to stop using your phone even in the neighborhood, then you should really consider it. Precious friends, Friend Don’t use your phone with your family.

(5) Spending time

Focusing on your phone can easily waste your precious time. If you only reduce your phone usage, you will find other useful and useful topics in your time. You can learn more.

6. Loneliness

If you are using a mobile phone, you may want to use it for the environment. Don’t talk to yourself or your family. Maybe you’re not called to go outside. So, you and your phone are both real and personal. The environment becomes just that, and you may feel lonely.

7. Misleading

Nowadays, people want to be famous because they want to be famous on social networks, so they think about what they should or should not do. It is only because of your reliance on the wrong person that you end up hurting yourself. If you don’t think adults are correct, and if social media really thinks what’s going on, then you should think you’re wrong.

8. Cultural damage

The terminology used on social networks today; The actions affected the culture of Myanmar. The girl’s home; Also, some expressions should also be considered, since it can be detrimental.