Interesting facts that women don’t like

Interesting facts that women don’t like

It is not easy to be the girl that every girl cares about. You have the look and feel you deserve. Even with the wisdom and possessions, it is unlikely that a girl in the head of a girl can enter a bar. This time, I wanted to share some of the reasons why they didn’t focus on one person in their mind, rather than on how to get their attention.

(1) She couldn’t make enough money

The 2015 Journal of Business Journalism surveyed people’s behavior. According to the study, women are less likely to be happy if they earn more money than their husbands. It is worse for a woman to lead a marriage. Women often underestimate men who are less capable than they are.

(2) He is too happy

This is also interesting. Researchers in 2011 used 1,000 photos of opposite-sex men to study people’s attraction. According to the study, the images of women who are thought to be attractive are images of those who are proud. And, strangely enough, they also feel less attractive when it seems happy. The boys are the opposite. They say that they think it’s attractive when girls are happy, and that pride doesn’t seem attractive.

(3) who impressed her

Don’t believe it Girls do not like to be treated as girls. In a study of 99 couples who met in the Journal of Personal Relationships in 2014, girls were able to guide them. He said he liked the guy. They are not satisfied with the boys who are cheating on them.

(4) Poor hygiene and hygiene

Nine out of 10 girls do not like boys who have low hygiene. If your hair is frizzy and your aroma is bad, there will also be a lot of girls who don’t like your approach.